The doctor is in and he makes housecalls -- to MARS!

Welcome to M.A.R.S.

The Mars Arctic Research Station (MARS) Society in cooperation with Ames Research Center, have established a base at Haughton Crater, Devon Island in northern Canada. Located approximately 75 degrees north, well inside the Arctic Circle, Haughton Crater offers a unique geographical and remote location to simulate the Martian landscape.

During the next few summers, a variety of researchers, scientists and physicians will live at the crater, venture into the vastness of the crater and live as though they are indeed four million miles away from our familiar world.

MITAC is partnering with the Medical Operations personnel from the NASA Johnson Space Center to participate in the MARS mission to develop and test the latest telemedicine technologies including vital signs monitoring, communications, compressed video and human interfacing to hardware and software tools.

Wired Medicine

On this site you'll be able to see the future of medical technology, as vital signs are transmitted from researchers on MARS back to monitoring physicians in the US and medical partners around the world.


For more in-depth information on the Haughton-Mars Project (HMP-2000), Devon Island, or the other research projects going on this season, visit the official HMP-2000 site.

For more details on our participation, check out the project details page. And for the real scoop, check out the somewhat-daily journals of our intrepid researcher on MARS, Nathaniel Merriam.

Got Wireless?

If you happen to live on the cutting edgoe of technology, with a Palm VII, or any other internet-able wireless device, watch our vital signs in real time -- from the beach, your car, or the golf course!

Imagine having your physician able to consult on your case no matter where they might be when called. Saving precious minutes can save lives in an emergency medical situation.