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Finally, the E-3 Climbers make it to Camp 1, only to find a final and potentially fatal crevasse guarding the entrance.

Dr. Ken Kamler records audio from the digital stethoscope- later analysis confirmed pneumonia.

Dr. Jenny Grin attends to a trekker suffering from snow blindness.

Our E-3 climbers rest in their tents at Camp 1, as part of their acclimatization routine.

Dr. Ken Kamler inspects the frostbitten hands of a climber who has just returned from the South Col.

Dr. Kamler performs a close-up inspection of the worst of the frostbitten fingers.

Grant Goldin validating the "Thinking Expedition Process Map" against the actual changes in thinking taking place during the E-3 expedition.

The Khumbu Ice Fall is the definition of Chaos. Here are 5 aluminum ladders lashed together in order for climbers to reach a step 5 stories high.

The e-3 climbers traverse a treacherous section of the Khumbu Ice Fall.

Base Camp Manager Rick Satava stands near Camp 1, at the opening of the Western Cwm.

BE-3 Climbers Scott Hamilton and Chris Macedonia return to Everest Base Camp from a grueling trip through the Khumbu Ice Fall.
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