MITAC has established extensive partnerships with a wide variety of industrial sectors, academic institutions, and governmental agencies, both domestic and international.


Microsoft Corporation

Virginia Biotechnology Research Park

U.S. Surgical Corporation

TeleVital Inc.

Olympus America, Inc.

Compaq Computer Corporation

QRS Diagnostics, LLC

Computer Motion



Virginia Commonwealth University

Yale University School of Medicine

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Columbia University

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Stanford University Medical Center / National Biocomputation Center

The University of Maryland / East-West Space Science Center


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center

National Library of Medicine



  • Ecuador Ministry of Health (Ecuador)
  • Greek Ministry of Health (Greece)
  • National Space Agency of Ukraine (Ukraine)
  • SSI InterMag (Ukraine)
  • Space Biomedical Center (Russia)
  • Moscow Medical Stomotological Institute (Russia)
  • Tana, Ltd. (Russia)
  • Zil Hospital (Russia)
  • Brazat (Brazil)
  • Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (France)
  • Institut de Medecine et de Physiologie Spatiales (France)
  • Egyptian Ministry of Health (Egypt)
  • School of Medicine, Prishtina (Kosova)
  • NILC (Republic of Georgia)


Access to health information and healthcare on a global scale is of great importance. Contemporary communications provides a unique opportunity for people from all over the world to have access to quality healthcare.

Whether an individual is a distant space voyager or is involved in international relief efforts, affordable hardware, off-the-shelf applications, existing network infrastructures and expertise are important components to wide-scale success.

The Medical Informatics and Technology Applications Consortium (MITAC) leverages existing technology, shepherds emerging technologies and co-develops with consortium partner's products and services. These efforts have applications in both human space flight and on the ground.

MITAC tests and integrates an array of tools to support global healthcare using international test beds. Through partnerships and academia, we are assured the newest and most experimental technologies from the beginning. Because we are a "commercial space center," MITAC has the option to spin-off and license commercial technologies. The name MedITAC was chosen to represent this model.

The advantage to this arrangement is two-fold: First, our industrial partners have a fertile ground to not only test their products but also to gain exposure in high profile activities. Second, NASA can review these leading-edge technologies for potential integration for human space flight including the U.S. Space Shuttle and International Space Station as well as future exploration missions.

This unique arrangement allows for industrial, international and academic partnering on a broad scale.

  • For our industrial sponsors we seek hardware, software, networks, data access and human support. Cash, in-kind contributions or custom arrangements can facilitate this.
  • Academic institutions offer a far different agenda. By leveraging the many pockets of research, study, instruction and never-end supply of young, bright minds, we invite the academic world to work with us and collaborate through not only traditional channels but also advanced mechanisms such as Internet2.
  • International associates have so much to offer. Often out of chaos rises opportunity. The terrors of war and the tantrums of nature create an opportunity for advanced medical technology to assist those in need while we learn about technology in the trenches and often much about ourselves. Ongoing research and development within our international communities is paramount.

In addition to these three primary categories, MITAC is involved with numerous world organizations such as the G8 Telemedicine Consortium, National Science Foundation and of course NASA. With the needs and capabilities for global healthcare growing each and every day, cooperative arrangements will flourish. For this reason, MedITAC is developing and implementing a state-of-the-art collaboration environment which will include an extranet, multipoint IP video-conferencing and application-sharing tools and a knowledgebase to deposit and mine information.

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