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Currency of knowledge is vitally important to maintaining skills. The integration of communications into the education process provides unique opportunities for faculty and students from around the world to participate in educational courses in a variety of disciplines. Lectures and grand rounds are formatted using exciting new technologies on the Internet. These technologies include video streaming, Web-based training and CD ROMs.

Educational material can be viewed throughout the world and enhances our ability to transition our knowledge to students of all ages. These same technologies can be easily adapted for enhancing training of astronauts during flight on long duration missions.

Grand Rounds are held weekly by the Department of Surgery at the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University. These lectures are being archived at MedITAC, and are available for viewing online, anytime, anywhere in the world.

International Seminar Series

These Seminars are being sponsored by MedITAC and various medical institutions from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and the United States. These lectures cover a wide spectrum of medical topics delivered to students and medical professionals around the globe.

NASA Aging Seminar Series

Engineering the Future of Medicine

MITAC Seminar Series

Basic Science Lectures

NASA Emerging Diseases Seminar Series

MITAC Library Resources

Telemedicine Course

Blackstone Nutrition Lecture

Archived Yale Grand Rounds

EWSSC, Telemedicine Education Session

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