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Pakistani Physicians and TATRC Interaction with MITAC

MITAC and the Department of Defenseís Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) have developed several areas of collaboration. Recently TATRC Senior Scientist, Jean-Louis Belard, MD visited MITAC with two distinguished surgeons from Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. These two surgeons, Dr. M. Faisal Murad and Dr. Syed Salman Naeem Gilahi, participated in MITACís abridged Principles of Telemedicine course. In addition, these gentlemen provided an overview of telemedicine in Pakistan. During the two-day visit, April 17-18, 2003, discussions were held on telemedicine concepts, tools and lessons learned.

Technical Training in Support of the Telemedicine Center of Kosova, February 2003

Mr. Flamur Bekteshi, Associate Technical Director at the Telemedicine Center of Kosova in Prishtina attended a month long telemedicine training course at the MITAC. Mr. Bekteshi worked closely with the MITAC staff, serving as student, trainee, and expert technician. Mr. Bekteshi returns to Kosova equipped with a solid knowledge base that will help him provide training in the area of telemedicine for those individuals of Kosova who have an interest in telemedicine.

The Telemedicine Center of Kosova was recently opened at the medical school in Prishtina (October 2002). MITAC played a key, strategic role in helping found the Kosova Foundation for Medical Development and the new Center. The MITAC provided valuable insight in the creation of a telemedicine capability in Kosova.

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