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Visitors from Azerbaijan

Nazim Ildirimzade, Head of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Health, Binagady District in Baku City visited the MITAC Laboratory in December, 2000. They are interested in doing collaborative work in telemedicine. Dr. Ildirimzade is exploring the development of telemedicine in the outlying area of the Baku Region.

Diagnostica Center

In October of 2000 the MITAC was pleased to host Harutyun Muradyan, M.D. from the Diagnostica Center in Yerevan, Armenia. The MITAC interacts with the Diagnostica Center through exchange of faculty, curriculum and teleconsultations. While here Dr. Muradyan worked with the MITAC medical and technical teams regarding collaboration in teleconsultations.

U.S. Senator Charles Robb Visits the MITAC

The MITAC was pleased to have U.S. Senator Charles Robb visit on June 9, 2000. He was provided an overview of VCU's Telemedicine program including the national and international aspects of distance learning. As a part of this overview, Senator Robb and President Eugene Trani observed a live laparoscopic ventral hernia repair performed by Eric J. DeMaria, M.D., director of VCU's Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, via telemedicine conferencing.

East-West Space Science Center

Students from the East-West Space Science Center located at the University of Maryland visit the MITAC on a regular basis. Information regarding this program may be viewed online: EWSSC, telemedicine education session

Daniel S. Goldin Visits the MITAC

Daniel S. Goldin, Administrator for NASAvisited the MITAC laboratory on May 15, 2000. Mr. Goldin addressed VCU, the Virginia Bio-Technology Research Park and the public at VCU's Medical Sciences Auditorium in an evening at Bio-Tech, a lecture series on topics related to life sciences and technology advancement. Mr. Goldin spoke on 'NASA: Exploring New Frontiers in Space, Medicine and Biotechnology.'

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