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MITAC Interactions in Moscow December 2000

During the week of December 11, 2000, Mr. Charles Doarn, Executive Director of the MITAC, Ms. Doris Farquhar, Director of Academic Affairs and Dr. Vladimir Lavrentyev, MITAC Post Doctoral Fellow traveled to Moscow, Russia. The MITAC is working closely with the Moscow State Medical and Dental University (MSMDU) and a clinical site (Railway Hospital No. 3 named after N. A. Semashko) that supports surgery residents. On December 13 the MITAC team interacted with counterparts at the hospital to finalize plans for collaborative activities in distance learning, specifically evaluation of different approaches to medical education using tools such as the World Wide Web and the Internet.

In addition to planning meetings, Mr. Doarn gave a lecture to assembled students, faculty and staff on the 'Concepts of Telemedicine'. While the team was in Moscow there was an opportunity to meet with the Rector of MSMDU, Academician Eugene Sokholov and his two deputy rectors. Dr. Youshuk and Dr. Loutsevich. Ms. Farquhar presented them with VCU momentos.

The main purpose for traveling to Moscow was that Mr. Doarn was a presenter at the 3rd Annual Moscow International Symposium on Telemedicine, which focused on telemedicine and image transmission. He gave two presentations: 1)Commercial Development of Telemedicine: Space Applications and 2)What is the Role of Telemedicine in Home Health Care. The second presentation was given on behalf of Dr. Merrell who was unable to present by video conference due to travel conflicts.

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