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American Telemedicine activities, December 2001

MITAC Executive Director, Charles Doarn, participated in the American Telemedicine Association's Industry Advisory Briefing and the 3rd Annual Strategic Business Opportunities for Telemedicine meeting at the Georgetown University Conference Center in Washington, DC, December 3-4, 2001. Mr. Doarn gave a presentation on NASA telemedicine activities at the MITAC, Johnson Space Center and Ames Research Center.

On December 5, 2001 Mr. Doarn participated in the American Telemedicine Association and Department of Defense Telemedicine and Advance Technology Research Center's forum on "The Role of Telemedicine in Homeland Defense" at the Georgetown University Conference Center in Washington, DC. Mr. Doarn gave a presentation on MITAC's activities, with a specific focus on what value they might have in homeland defense.

Greater Richmond Technology Council, December 2001

Ronald Merrell, MD, Chairman of Surgery and Director of the MITAC gave a presentation at the Greater Richmond Technology Council on December 1, 2001. His presentation was entitled "Beyond Telemedicine." His remarks were well received by the audience, which was comprised of over 250 Richmond area individuals interested in technology and telemedicine.

Internet2, November 2001

On November 30, 2001, MITAC participated in Virginia Commonwealth University's Internet2 day on the Academic campus. MITAC is a member of the Internet2 activity. Presentations were given on how Internet2 can be and is being used in telemedicine. A live surgery was viewed and discussed between VCU's Medical College of Virginia campus and the medical campus at Ohio State University. More information on VCU's Internet2 project may be viewed online VCU Internet2

Conference on Mobile Health: New Technologies in Wellness Prevention and Treatment, November 2001

November 15-17, 2001, MITAC representatives participated in the Conference on Mobile Health: New Technologies in Wellness Prevention and Treatment in San Diego, CA. As a co-sponsor of this first conference on mobile health, MITAC held a special education session on its work on mobile medicine with the MITAC-developed rapidly deployable telemedicine unit and the test beds in Ecuador using the mobile surgical facility. Mr. Charles Doarn, Mr. Brett Harnett, Timothy Broderick, M.D. and Stephen Cone, M.D. gave presentations on MITAC activities. The participants were very interested in MITAC's activities and accomplishments with regard to mobility and medicine.

American Telemedicine Association Meeting, Washington DC, 2001

On October 28-29, Mr. Charles Doarn, Executive Director of the MITAC attended the annual Board of Director's meeting of the American Telemedicine Association in Washington, DC. Mr. Doarn serves as a board member and treasurer through May 2002.

Symposium on State of the Art Telemedicine/Telehealth: An International Perspective

Dr. Merrell and Mr. Doarn participated in an international symposium on telemedicine and telehealth at the University of Michigan, held in Ann Arbor, August 23-25, 2001. The symposium was sponsored in part by MITAC through a grant from NASA. Other sponsors included the World Health Organization, the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth (Department of Health and Human Services) and the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center. Dr. Merrell participated as a member of a panel focused on Clinical and Public Health Applications. Dr. James McGee of Oxford University, Dr. Oleg Orlov of the Space Biomedical Center in Moscow, and Dr. Max Stachura of the Medical College of Georgia accompanied Dr. Merrell as panelists. Mr. Doarn participated in a breakout workshop on organizational models. The outcome of this meeting will result in a detailed report to the US Congress on the state of the art on telemedicine as well as a comprehensive textbook on telemedicine. Dr. Merrell and Mr. Doarn will participate as contributors to one or more chapters.

Mr. Doarn also attended a meeting of the Global Federation of Telemedicine Organizations (GFTO). He served as the meeting recorder. The GFTO is an international organization focused on international telemedicine activities.

MITAC Represented at the 2001 American Telemedicine Association Meeting

A MITAC contingent consisting of Mr. Charles Doarn, Dr. Rifat Latifi, Mr. Brett Harnett, Ms. Kim Evans and Mr. Norman Stewart attended the 6th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, June 3-6, 2001. A display highlighting MITAC's activities, technologies and accomplishments was integrated into an overall NASA exhibit. In addition, Mr. Doarn lead an international panel discussion entitled, "International Telemedicine: Application in Space, Disaster Response and Trauma. Is there common ground?" This panel included two presentations: (1) The Value of International Test Beds for Validation of Telemedicine Technologies and Techniques by Mr. Doarn and (2) Kosova's International Virtual e-Hospital: Putting It All Together by Dr. Latifi. The abstracts of these two presentations, as well as a third presentation (Doarn as co-author) 'Final Report and Recommendations of the G-8 Global Healthcare Application Sub-Project 4', were published in the Telemedicine and e-Health Journal.

Mr. Doarn and Dr. Latifi participated in an ATA organized meeting of the Global Federation of Telemedicine Organizations (GFTO). The GFTO is being established with representation from telemedicine organizations from nearly 25 countries and several other international telemedicine organizations. Mr. Doarn, who serves as a member of the Board of the ATA, was also elected to serve as the organization's Treasurer for a one-year term.

Scientific Society of Eton College

On the evening of May 8, 2001, Mr. Doarn had the distinct privilege and honor of giving a presentation to the Scientific Society of Eton College, located in Windsor, England. Eton is located directly across from Windsor Castle, home to Queen Elizabeth. Eton College is a private school for boys age 13-18. It has been teaching boys for over 550 years. Mr. Doarn's presentation to the assembled group was entitled "One Giant Leap for All Human Kind". It highlighted the events of the human space flight program and how medicine is practiced in space, with specific focus on telemedicine and medical informatics.

e-Health Conference

On May 5-9, 2001, Mr. Charles Doarn and Dr. Rifat Latifi participated in the first e-Health Conference and Exhibition in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Doarn conducted a workshop entitled "Smart Communities, Home Telehealth, and Aviation e-Health", on May 5th. In addition, Mr. Doarn and Dr. Latifi served as moderators for several of the sessions. Mr. Doarn gave a presentation entitled "Lessons from Space". Dr. Latifi gave two presentations "Virtual Hospitals" and "From Mars to Kosova Round Trip - Telesurgery and the Internet".

This conference was also a kick off meeting of a new society called the "International e-Health Association", which has been guaranteed funding for the first three years by the King of Saudi Arabia. In addition a new journal, entitled "e-Health International", was presented. Prince Abdul Majeed ibn Abdul Azia, governor of the Makkah region personally greeted key participants on May 5, 2001, including Mr. Doarn. He expressed his thanks for all of the International participation in the e-Health 2001 Conference and Exhibition.

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